My son Saif has had weight issues since he was a baby. We never sought any professional help as such and thought he would lose weight in time on his own. However his weight was getting out of control and in March 2015 we met Karishma for the first time. I was recommended to her by a mother of one of my son’s school friends. She had seen Karishma at a talk on children’s nutrition and felt she was very pleasant in demeanour.

We have been seeing Karishma for almost a year now. There are no extremes in her diet. She is well aware that growing children need to eat well so she is actually quite generous with the quantities in her plans. I would have thought there was nothing terribly unhealthy about the way I cooked at home but there are some choices we make which are unhealthy and we don’t even realize.

 Karishma ensures that all the unhealthy food choices are replaced by the right ones. The amount of food  she has prescribed is more than adequate and she is particular that Saif has a small meal every 2 or 3 hours. Saif is allowed a treat meal twice a week as well.

When we first started Saif would crave a sugary snack and I would call her and she would say let him just have it. As the months passed he has become better in this regard as his body has accepted the healthier options.

Saif’s exercise routine changes every school term and Karishma has diligently made a new plan each time to make sure he gets enough nutrition on the days that he burns more calories. Whenever we have gone on holiday she has made up a separate plan. During the month of Ramadan when Saif was fasting more than 12 hours a day she drafted an entire new diet for us.

Saif has been quite naughty at times. He used to send Karishma from my phone just saying “Saif is hungry.” She was very patient with him and humoured all his silliness.

Just a couple months of starting Karishma’s diet his body started changing.  His movements became less laboured and he looked more streamlined. He has received a lot of compliments for his new look which I always pass on to Karishma.

There were times when I would fuss about Saif’s actual weight on the scale and Karishma would tell me to just relax. She used to say that muscle weighs more than fat and Saif is growing taller as well. She advises a slow and steady weight loss for children

For any parent dealing with a child who is overweight, my advice would be take steps early enough. It’s not that easy to lose the baby fat and change eating habits. At the same time following a diet plan and incorporating an exercise regimen in your daily life will be beneficial for a lifetime.

 Sometimes people are shocked at the idea of Saif being on a diet. I wouldn’t even called it that. It’s really making sure that every bite counts and doesn’t fill him up on empty calories.

Saif is still growing and has yet to reach his weight target. So our journey with Karishma continues. She has been very supportive to me as a mother and Saif as well. I hope reading this story inspires other parents to make conscious diet and exercise decisions for their children