“I remember the first time i went to her clinic – the sheer positivity with which she spoke, the depth of knowledge she had and most importantly the level of empathy she brought to the interaction impressed the sceptic in me clearing any doubt I had in my mind on the efficacy of the advisory to follow..

I think if there is one thing that sets her apart from the regular professionals is her empathetic nature, trying to get deep into the client’s lifestyle, past, present – not just physical but mental well-being.. she believes that the body is but a manifestation of your mental health and perhaps thats where she resonates with clients.. clients no more thus remain clients but they connect at a much more personal level shedding inhibitions, believing in her precriptions and wanting to follow them.. her incessant followups and rebuttals on deviations do not arise from her professionalism but from her sheer love for her profession and the passion to genuinely help her clients..

I was a fit person but had plateaued in my development- had a simple goal of getting ripped abs.. she made me understand it was not just abs, but the fact that i was malnourished as evident in my overall daily routine and sleeping pattern.. she not only changed my diet but also gave invaluable inputs into my workouts.  the results had to follow.. i not only achieved my six-packs but also found a new spring in my footsteps when it came to work, exercise and life in general!

Thanks Karishma, am glad that we met!!”