Where should I start, I have so much to say about this wonderful being who I’ve never met and been consulting for with over 2 years over the phone.
A random search online led me to call her and it didn’t take me seconds to know that she’s the one I was looking for to guide me through my journey of food and lead me to a holistic balance in life!

I had always been on a healthy diet but like she explained they were more like yo yo diets and I didn’t know or understand what proportion of crabs, protein, vitamins and minerals I was to consume. At the time I spoke to her my only goal was to loose the extra kilos I had gained but as we went on with our sessions week after week I realised that she’s not just guiding me with food but my thoughts, my feelings, my temperament!
Every aspect of my life was looked into with detail before guiding me on a diet plan week after week.

She’s not the type of nutritionist who’s just ruining a business, I feel she takes keen interest in each one of us and her goal is to be able to make you reach a stage where you no longer need her and know yourself what’s best for you to eat and not and be able to listen to your own body and continue to live a healthy and happy life!

I have not only achieved my goal; she has changed the way I think, look and consume my food and I feel that will def stay with me for the rest for my life!
She has counselled me through my various temperaments, explaining the close association of how you feel and what you eat and how it impacts your entire system, and weight loss or gain is only a by product of that!

I can’t think of a better nutritionalist than her in our country! I wish every one of you out there who’s looking to be guided about food to understand their bodies and loose or gain those extra kilos shouldn’t think twice to consult with Karishma! She’s the best!