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My son Saif has had weight issues since he was a baby. We never sought any professional help as such and thought he would lose weight in time on his own. However his weight was getting out of control and in March 2015 we met Karishma for the first time. We have been seeing Karishma for almost a year now. There are no extremes in her diet. She is well aware that growing children need to eat well so she is actually quite generous with the quantities in her plans

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Zeenath Khan


I was a fit person but had plateaued in my development- had a simple goal of getting ripped abs.. she made me understand it was not just abs, but the fact that i was malnourished as evident in my overall daily routine and sleeping pattern.. she not only changed my diet but also gave invaluable inputs into my workouts. the results had to follow.. i not only achieved my six-packs but also found a new spring in my footsteps when it came to work, exercise and life in general!

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Sandipan Roy

As recommended by a friend I met Karishma Chawla on the 21st of August, 2018 and under her guidance, nutrition advice, diet plan and constant motivation in a span of 6 weeks I not just gained 5 Kilos, but have also seen a boost in my strength and energy levels.
Thanks to Karishma Chawla’s help I don’t feel like I’ve undergone a surgery 4 months back.

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Vikram Advani

Zeenath Khan Mother Sandipan Roy Vikram Advani