Immune Boosting Nutrition

Now more than ever, we’ve realized the importance of immunity and health; Did you know that 70-80% of the immune system lies in your gut- the total surface area of the gut is half the size of a badminton court. Hence the foods that we eat and the environment toxins have a deep impact on our health. Our coaching helps you identify and incorporate whole foods rich in fiber, fermented foods, foods rich in antioxidants, limiting environmental toxins into your daily diet as well as provides tools to manage stress; and limit the consumption of processed foods.

Lifestyle Coach

You are what you absorb – Jeffory Bland

Health Coaching

Nutrition is an integral part of the circle of life that includes exercise , career , stress management , relationship and spirituality . Holistic Coaching is a process that involves behavior change and building habits that lead to achieve fitness goal and attain a balance in the circle of life.

Hormone Health

The foods we eat plays a big role in hormone balance. Our hormones are made using amino acids from protein and fatty acids from fats. The better quality materials we use, the better quality hormones our body creates ,variety is equally important. Every type of food has a different structure and offers a different group of micro & macronutrients . The best quality hormones are imperative for optimal performance of the body. Good hormone health reduces the risk of diabetes, increase fertility and lowers body fat. We guide you with our Hormone friendly guide that include foods lean protein, high quality fat, foods that are rich in vitamin A, magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids.

Anti-inflammatory Diet

Age related diseases have a common root : chronic, low level inflammation. Chronic inflammation makes you susceptible to chronic diseases like obesity and conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. Our plans keep in mind foods that have lower glycaemic index, omega 3 rich foods , antioxidant rich foods , good quality protein can decrease inflammation and protect tissues from inflammatory damage.


is a time of anabolism, and therefore women should definitely eat more when pregnant than they typically do. It is important to note that controlled weight gain is extremely critical part of pregnancy. To ensure the right weight gain, we help you understand how to incorporateadditional calories from complex carbohydrates, lean protein and high quality fats. Our pregnancy nutritional program help you to eat a variety of nutrient dense foods for the optimal well being of the mother and the child.