Transition to a better mind-body balance

Life Transformation Packages

All our packages are designed to ensure flexibility and agility so that your transformation becomes a part of your new lifestyle and not just another fad.

With Karishma mind body approach, you will receive her personal nutritional guidance that works with your body and taste preferences. Along with that using motivational skills she helps initiate self discovery and tapping intrinsic factors to bring about behavioural change for better habit formations to achieve health goals.

In Person as well as Online consults

Detailed health history with - Medicals as well as lifestyle assessment

Personalized health plans customised to your goals, body type and lifestyle requirements

Regular wellness/ weight check-ins and progress tracking ( this is not for single consult )

Detailed life coaching that enables habit creation for sustained lifestyle changes ( not there for single consult )

Regular and exclusive access to literature/handouts to provide updated tips and tools for health maintenance

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