You become what you think and what you eat!

Simple but eternally true. A philosophy that has guided and moulded Karishma Chawla, one of India’s leading nutritionist and lifestyle educator.

MIND- BODY SYNERGY through nutritional guidance and lifestyle measures.

Fads come and go, but good eating is irreplaceable. And Karishma truly believes that good health begins in the gut – the body’s second brain. Karishma has built and evolved her decade long practice with a clear focus on the gut microbiome and hormones as a way to help raise metabolism in order to make your body work for you to achieve healthy weight.

As a nutritionist she helps you understand the function of food and it’s significance in prevention , management and treatment of heath disorders, fitness goals and achieve optimal well being , thereby changing your relationship with food, motivating you to make the correct food and lifestyle choices empowering yourself rather than giving into wrong eating habits.

She helps in the process of self discovery, finding an intrinsic factor that makes the process of unlearning old habits into learning and adopting new ones that can help with health and fitness goals.

Also, depending on your needs and medical history; Karishma administers guidance and correctional nutritional services for people with pre-existing conditions such as Obesity, PCOS, Thyroid Disorders, Menopause, Blood Pressure, Dyslipidemia, Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Allergies, Skincare, Lactose Intolerance, And Weight Loss Management In Adults As Well As Children.

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What People Say

I’ve had the good fortune to know Karishma as a nutritionist and that’s quite an understatement. What I like about Karishma is that she’s always patient and hears you out before she sits down and breaks down the basics for you. There have been times when I have faltered but she’s always reminded me when I need to be kind to my body. She’s always factoring in the client’s daily lifestyle and the stress that comes with it. Although I went in with Karishma for just weight loss, she’s brought about this holistic change in me. I’ve gone back to loving my body and every day, I love it more. Deciding to go on a weight loss is quite a journey, and I recommend that you Karishma to help making this process much easier.

Julie Sam

Karishma Chawla is a nutritionist who carries out high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes !!! I am pleased to say that I have lost weight and continue to lose more. I truly did not think I would have learned everything I did and feel so good about reaching my goals with her and her program …
Thanks dear for always been there!

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Munazza Parande

I went to Karishma to get a sense of how to approach nutrition and exercise in a more holistic way. She came up with a plan which brought my energy back and made me think about what I chose to eat… it worked! (and I still got to eat my Nutties once in a while for which I was eternally grateful)

Payal Khandwala

It’s been a pleasure to know Karishma both professionally and personally. We have consulted each other for our respective expertise and for our clients too! I love her regular updates and she keeps us all in the loop and on our toes. Her diet plans and solutions are very doeable and easy to keep up with!
Thank you Karishma and stay fit and glowing for time to come …

Dr. Malavika Kohli

My name is Shailesh jariwala 49 year old. I’m writing this testimony in appreciation of my dietician Karishma Chawla. Under her guidance, I could accomplish my dream of loosing weight on a very fast pace ..

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Shailesh Jariwala

Where should I start, I have so much to say about this wonderful being who I’ve never met and been consulting for with over 2 years over the phone. A random search online led me to call her and it didn’t take me seconds to know that she’s the one I was looking for to guide me through my journey of food and lead me to a holistic balance in life!

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Bhargavi Khosla

Karishma is a hardworking coach. She was persistent yet flexible during my weight to She understands that every one is unique and tailored my diet plan accordingly.
My journey with her has been thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening.

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Aditya Ringshia

As recommended by a friend I met Karishma Chawla on the 21st of August, 2018 and under her guidance, nutrition advice, diet plan and constant motivation in a span of 6 weeks I not just gained 5 Kilos, but have also seen a boost in my strength and energy levels.
Thanks to Karishma Chawla’s help I don’t feel like I’ve undergone a surgery 4 months back.

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Vikram Advani

I was a fit person but had plateaued in my development- had a simple goal of getting ripped abs.. she made me understand it was not just abs, but the fact that i was malnourished as evident in my overall daily routine and sleeping pattern.. she not only changed my diet but also gave invaluable inputs into my workouts. the results had to follow.. i not only achieved my six-packs but also found a new spring in my footsteps when it came to work, exercise and life in general!

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Sandipan Roy

My son Saif has had weight issues since he was a baby. We never sought any professional help as such and thought he would lose weight in time on his own. However his weight was getting out of control and in March 2015 we met Karishma for the first time. We have been seeing Karishma for almost a year now. There are no extremes in her diet. She is well aware that growing children need to eat well so she is actually quite generous with the quantities in her plans

Follow Saif’s Journey

Zeenath Khan

Julie Sam Munazza Parande Payal Khandwala Dr. Malavika Kohli Shailesh Jariwala Bhargavi Khosla Aditya Ringshia Vikram Advani Sandipan Roy Zeenath Khan Mother